Searching For Leaks In Your Air Conditioner In Hobe Sound

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Refrigerant Leak Detectors

As summer techniques, it is time to begin considering our car’s cooling system and also if it is working properly. One of one of the most usual problems with an A/C system is refrigerant leaks as well as situating them. Discovering the resource of the leak can be a laborious and also time consuming. The leaking Freon can come actually anywhere in the system from tubes to a collector to a little pressure switch gone bad. The EPA has made it far more stringent rules in handling refrigerant leaks. The days of complementing the air conditioner with a couple of cans of R12 are long over. Now even tiny leaks need to discovered and also fixed. Below comes modern technology to the rescue. There are several methods cooling repair shops use to find and also fix refrigerant leaks. Each approach has its pros and cons as well as their use depends upon the situation. The 3 most commonly used are an electronic refrigerant leak detector, ultraviolet color leak detection package, and ultrasonic leak detector units.

Electronic Leak Detectors

Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detectors are the quickest and also easiest to use of the three methods. The majority of the time you will certainly have no idea where the cooling agent is leaking and also have to limit the feasible locations. A digital cooling agent leakage detector can get you extremely near the place of the leak and also from there you can obtain more precise. Several of the much better designs will certainly allow to crank up the sensitivity as soon as you get the location located. For really little leakages you can wrap the suspected area in cling wrap or a cloth to attempt and consist of the refrigerant. When you unpack the area, put in the cooling agent leak detector as well as see if you obtain a reading. Bear in mind, cooling agent is heavier compared to air and it will sink to the ground. It is best to sniff under tubing as well as compartments when looking for it.

Ultrasonic Leak Detectors

These are state-of-the-art leakage detectors as well as are the newest tool to find refrigerant leakages. They operate the principle of audio detection. Instead of smelling for refrigerant gas they pay attention for the noise it makes as Freon escapes the system. To make use of an ultrasonic leakage detector the system need to be pressed in order for the cooling agent to leak out and also make noise. Also, the workplace have to be entirely quiet. Remember it is looking for noise and no history sound is vital. This is the main drawback to using an ultrasonic leak detector. Very few car shops are quiet sufficient to utilize it successfully.

Ultraviolet Dye Leak Detectors

This third method ultraviolet color is injected right into the air conditioning system and also in theory must escape with the refrigerant. Commonly, an auto shops have an ultraviolet leak detection package that has every one of the tools necessary to finish this task. Typically these kits come with ultraviolet light or ultraviolet flashlight, a color injector, safety glasses and ultraviolet dye. This technique is the most practically complex of the three and also is the messiest. You have to inject the ultraviolet dye into the system as well as wait for it to leakage out. The dye can be messy and obtain everywhere. It enters you’re A/C system, your refrigerant manifold gauges and you. Nevertheless once you beam your ultraviolet flashlight as well as spot the leak, you generally could see exactly where it is.

Each technique has its benefits and drawbacks. For the novice, I would certainly recommend a digital refrigerant leakage detector as well as the expert car store would certainly be much better served with an ultraviolet leak discovery kit.

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